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Dental Insurance

Maestro Dental works hand-in-hand with you to maximize your dental insurance reimbursement for covered procedures. As a courtesy to our patients, we are happy to submit your dental benefit claim and a dental treatment pre-determination to most dental insurance carriers on your behalf. Please be prepared to pay any deductibles and estimated co-pays at the time of service.

Please provide your dental insurance information as listed below, at the time of scheduling your appointment as we will check your insurance eligibility and coverage PRIOR TO your first appointment. If you fail to provide us with the correct insurance information, or your insurance changes and you fail to notify us in a timely manner, you may be responsible for the balance of a claim. 

1. Subscriber's name (if you are NOT primary subscriber)
2. Subscriber's date of birth 
3. Subscriber's ID or member ID 
4. Insurance company & network
5. Insurance telephone
6. Patient's name 
7. Patient's date of birth

However, it is your responsibility to know your insurance coverage, benefits and other spending accounts. Verification of eligibility and/or benefit information is NOT a guarantee of payment. Any non-payment from insurance company will be your responsibility.

Insurance: About Us

In-network Dental Insurance Plans

Ray Min-Hsiung Huang D.D.S. accepts a wide range of insurance plans — Dr. Huang is in the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network for most major insurances such as the following:

Insurance: Accepted Insurance

Dental Insurance Companies

  • Aetna

  • Anthem 

  • Connection Dental

  • Delta Dental 

  • GEHA

  • Guardian

  • Lifewise

  • Metlife

  • Premera 

  • Regence

  • United Health Care

Employers (subject to change)

  • Amazon

  • Boeing

  • Expedia

  • Facebook/Meta

  • Google

  • Microsoft

  • T-Mobile

  • UW Student

  • Individual/ Pediatric 
    Dental Plan

  • Federal Employee
    (Secondary Ins)

This is only a list of what we accept. You may double-check with your insurance company if we are in-network with your plan.
Our front desk is knowledgeable and will assist in answering any dental insurance questions that you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Maestro Dental - Ray Huang D.D.S. Help Center. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some common questions and answers. Perhaps you have the same question that was on somebody else’s mind. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line and our team of professionals will be happy to find the answer for you.

What is the payment process with insurance? When is my payment due?

We will submit claims to your insurance company. All applicable deductible, co-pays, personal balances, both current and prior, are DUE AT THE TIME OF SERVICE.
我們將向您的保險公司提交費用申請。其他 共同支付費用需在服務當天一併支付

What is Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or Explanation of Payment (EOP)? Is it a bill?

EOB or EOP shows what your insurance processed your treatment claims. It also shows your co-pay and your financial responsibility. It is not a bill from Maestro Dental.
顯示您的保險處理您的治療索賠。 它還顯示您的共同支付和您的財務責任。 這不是Maestro Dental的賬單。

What if I do not receive my EOB/ EOP? Can you give me one copy?

You should always check with your insurance regarding EOB/ EOP. It ought to be supplied by your insurance company, Maestro Dental will NOT provide photocopied EOB/ EOP.
您應該與您的保險確認您的福利付款說明(EOB/ EOP)。應由您的保險公司提供,Maestro Dental不提供影印EOB。

What if I do not have insurance or that my insurance is out-of-network?

You are responsible for the payment at the time of service. 您在接受牙科服務時需支付全部費用。

Insurance: FAQ
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 We will make every effort to provide you with accurate information about your benefits; however, please remember that your insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company. Also, your employer may change your benefits each year.

Please notify our office manager if changes to your insurance policy have taken place. Your insurance company does NOT notify us, so it is your responsibility to let us know of these changes.

Insurance: Quote
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